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Java on the iPad (in Sweden)


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Jun 30, 2010
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Gothenburg, Sweden
I suppose similar threads have already been created, but I didn't find any. And this one is however a bit similar as I live in Sweden.

I wanna play a Java-based MMO game on my iPad. Is there any kind of app/hack/plugin that enables Java? I've heard of Cloud Browse, but it doesn't work in Sweden.

If someone finds such an app/hack/plugin, please post a link and/or a description here.
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iPad doesn't support java
I'm well aware of that. But people usually hack things to make them work. Cloud Browse is a solution to the Java/Flash problem, but as I previously mentioned, it does not work in Sweden. Only in the US and Canada, I think.

Well if you already knew that they why are you asking here in the iPhone OS thread and not in the iPad Hacking section? There is a java install for jailbroken devices.
I might have posted it in the wrong section, I'm sorry for that. I did not know where to post it, and I couldn't find any Java hack in that section. Guess I'll have to look again. :)

EDIT: And I found nothing. Searched for "java" in the hacking section, Cydia and Installous. Doesn't seem to exist at all.
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Any idea how to run active x control on ipad? Trying to have access of my office mail via my ipad
I have the same issue in that I need to get my companies Lotus Notes email and they won't allow Traveler. So I'm stuck using the Domino, but that requires Active X to work. If anyone has an answer...
In the meantime I will keep reading and searching.

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