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Iwork vs documents to go


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May 4, 2011
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Hello I am sure that these questions have already been asked but even with search i cannot find the right answers for me. So sorry if you don't like this thread, i'll try to make it the least annoying possible. Ok I currently got Documents to go for Ipad (the 16$ version) to have dropbox acess It's working fine but I have trouble to do some Word documents I just don't feel like working in a real Word Processor. So with the announce of Icloud I was tented by the Iwork franchise. All the videos i find are fine but I would like some opinions from real users. The biggest problem I have with Iwork is that it's not dropbox compatible (Of course with Icloud soon it won't mather) I know that Documents to go might release Icloud comptability one day with the API but it's always go click there and go click there and it slows everything because of the time lost. So lets go on the goal for the Tl:dr I want to use my ipad almot full time, I don't use Word Excel or Power Point alot but it might change soon. So I wanna know which suite is better Iwork for Ipad or Documents to go and why. Cuz I work is like 30$ if I buy all 3. Is it worth it since I already go Docs to go? Also the big problem with docs to go is that I always need plug my Ipad to synch my folders if i don't send them to dropbox. Anyway lots of text, but hope you can help me. (this won't help but English is my 2nd language) Thanks

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Jan 3, 2011
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One of our members carried out a survey of Office apps for his company; you can see his conclusions in this thread...


The Apple iWorks Office suite for the iPad has a set of useful Help pages that show their capabilities here...

Pages is Word compatible and can read .doc and .docx files and save in .doc and .pdf

Keynote is PowerPoint compatible and can read .ppt and .pptx files and save in .ppt and .pdf

Numbers is Excel compatible and can read .xls and .xlsx files and save in .xls and .pdf



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