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ITunes sync killed my podcast downloaded files...


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Jun 22, 2012
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Not sure where to put this so picked here. I downloaded quite a few podcasts recently on my iPad3 running 5.1.1, through iTunes and planned on watching them over the next few days. Well I synced with my computer (connected 30 pin to USB) to move over some video and music faster than through wifi and iTunes ( took ALL my recently downloaded podcasts off my iPad :eek: and did not put them on the computer - just gone!

It wouldn't bother me so much, but I spent a lot of time flipping pages on a random hunt for new items I knew nothing about and found quite a few. I have no idea what they are now though - who knew I would have to write them down and re-download after doing a search? I even watched one this morning on the iPad.

Oh well, I know now not to download to the iPad, but to find them on the computer (harder to do) and download then drag them to the device. Truly a poor design. Oh, I'm sorry, it is a feature (that I don't need to use) :(

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