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Itunes store ipad2


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Jul 23, 2012
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Have a problem with the iTunes store.

I initially setup my apple I'd to use my French bank account, but when realised I could only view the French iTunes store I changed my payment details so I could access the UK iTunes store, and app store. This payment details change took place the very first day I had my iPad. My apple id has been in operation for over a year linked to a UK account, changed the day I got my iPad to French, changed back to UK on the same day.

Since changing payment details, country, etc I have had no problem with buying apps...but I cannot access the iTunes store at all.

At the bottom of the iTunes store app all the icons are labelled in French. I can see updates, purchases, and iTunes U...everything else gives me the message...your request could not be completed.

I have tried logging out, both on my laptop, and iPad, and logging in again in various orders.

I can access the Uk iTunes store from my laptop no problem.

Nothing seems to allow me to view the UK iTunes store on my ipad2.

Any ideas?

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