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iTunes on iPad!


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Sep 2, 2011
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Hey guys... I have both iPad 2 and iPhone. I noticed a weird thing on my iTunes on iPad 2. It only shows podcasts, iTunes you and downloads pane! Not all Music, videos, genius, ping, ringtones and etc like in iPhone! Is this normal ? Help me out!!

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Hey I was talking about the iTunes store on the iPad. It doesn't have different categories pane like in iPhone. I wanted to know is this the way it is supposed to be or is there any problem with mine!!

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Not sure if this is helpful but for some reason iTunes updates is playing up. I'm wondering if the iCloud is affecting it. Every time this happens, there is a new update coming. Anyone else experiencing problems?

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The layout is different on iPad's iTunes. Mine shows tabs on the bottom, but maybe yours is different because cloud services are still in beta. It has the same categories, except no ringtones that I can see, but that's probably because iPad doesn't receive standard phone calls. iPad's iTunes doesn't show the same white-screened menu list that iPhone does, probably because screen space allows a more dressed-up layout on iPad.
Thanks Kay!! :) I'm on iOS 5 beta 7. May be it's not tweaked yet properly! I'll wait until the GM.

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I was wondering if anyone can attach a screen shot of iTunes of iPad on iOS 5....!

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Thanks Qizzer! I guess then there is some problem with my iTunes. But I'm not able to figured it out :(

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