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Itunes not responding


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Feb 19, 2012
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When I plug my iPad 2 into my pc, iTunes goes from running beautifully to not responding, I can't even close the window. Then, when I unplug my iPad 2, it runs great again. I had sync'd my iPad 2 with my pc once when i first got it... My pc is a 2010 asus, with plenty of power to handle something like iTunes. And every time I try to sync it again, it completely fails on me. I just want to sync the device. I have already updated to e newest version of iTunes, so that cannot be the problem. Please help, I'm not a noob


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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
Hello and welcome to the form! :)

There may be plenty of explanations for this issue, but since you are on a Windows computer, please check in 'Task Manager' (Ctrl-Alt-Delete, i.e. the triple key salute!) to see if the 'Mobile Apple Device' service is running (see image below)? If not, activate the service and then see if you can sync?

If this service is already running and you are still having a problem, then please post back to this thread for further advice - good luck!


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