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iTunes Match and song titles/tags


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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
If you use iTunes match you probably already noticed that iTunes match will identify your music an allow you to upgrade the song to the iTunes 256kbps version. However the song titles and metadata stays the same as what was used whenever you ripped the music to your computer. iTunes match does not update the song titles, MetaData or album art when upgrading the audio file.

I just came across this app called MatchTag that solves this issue. What it does is take your matched music and replace the title and other metadata you select along with the album art so that it all match's what is in the iTunes store.

Its not free and only works for users on Mac OS X. But I gave it a try and it actually works really well. It doesn't only search the US iTunes store either, it will search all countries iTunes stores for the correct song info.

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