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It's Now Possible to Sign up for Genius Bar Appointments Directly through Apple's Support Webpage


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Apple has integrated Genius Bar reservations to online support options, which is a feature that will prove very useful to Apple customers. Customers are now able to sign up for Genius Bar appointments directly through Apple's Support webpage, a notable improvement from the previous reservations system.

Previously, online reservations were handled by Apple's retail webpage on a per-store basis. Thus, customers would need to find their local store and select the Genius Bar option under "Store Services" to check availability.

The integrated system now allows users to select "Visit the Genius Bar" along with live phone or chat support. After selecting the Genius Bar option, customers must enter their current location and device before being taken to a map which shows nearby retail stores. It's then possible to choose a specific Apple Store and pick from a list of available time slots.

However, there has been a good deal of glitches and some inconveniences related to this new service, according to multiple forums posting. But Apple will probably iron things out in the near future.

Source: Apple

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