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Issues with Saving Photos


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Mar 9, 2012
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I love browsing through photos on the internet, mainly on Pinterest, and saving them to my computer and then eventually syncing it to my iPad 2 so I can take them with me on the go as well.

However, I have a problem.

When I browse through photos on my iPad 2, for some reason when I try to save a photo, it always ends up in the Camera Roll album in Photos. As we all know, you can't move photos to existing albums from the Camera Roll, and even then if you delete the photo in Camera Roll the picture is also deleted from the album you put it in.

Also, no matter what I do, it always seem to default into the Camera Roll, or Dropbox using certain browsers. Sure, I could just send it to Dropbox and then sync it to iTunes, but it just seems counterproductive as my computer and iPad 2 would have to be involved instead of just my iPad - and I may as well just use my computer anyway.

I am leery about downloading the PhotoAlbums+ tweak from Cydia as there were quite a few (read: many) bad reviews about the tweak when I went to the YouTube video about PhotoAlbums+.

Does anyone know how to fix this or to recommend an alternative?



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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Sorry, this is just how the Photos app works. Locally created albums are nothing but links to the original files. To create permanent albums you must sync through iTunes on the computer, or use a third party photo app (or jailbreak and use the tweak you mentioned I suppose).

If you are currently using iTunes to sync and backup your iPad, it would be easy to make the albums you need. Just place all the folders (as albums) under one master folder on your computer, then choose that folder to sync in iTunes. Here are the instructions.

iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes

Hold in mind that folders/pictures synced to the iPad through iTunes can only be edited/deleted by the same method. For the pictures you save on the iPad you would need to copy the pictures to the computer and place them in the folder, then sync again.

There are third party apps that give you more control over your photo albums. They use a separate database than the Photos app, so it becomes necessary to copy and delete thing to remove duplicates, but you may find the results more satisfying. They also have multiple ways of importing your photos from the computer. The most popular one on the forum is probably Photo Manager Pro, but there are several so a little research might find you one you like better.

This all probably repeats several things you already know, but hopefully I've added something useful.

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