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iRig and the iPad: Neat device!


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Jan 17, 2011
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Hi folks,

Got my hands on an iRig device so I could plugin my electric guitar. It's pretty neat and with Garageband, you almost have unlimited options as GB has many simulated amps in there. I did tried some other apps but I must say that GarageBand is the best for that device.

Basically, iRig is just an adaptor to connect your 1/4 plug into the 1/8 socket hole of the iPad. To hear what ever you play, you must use headphones since plugging an external device is considered as using the usual headphones. I was a bit disappointed to discover that is it impossible to AirPlay the output to your AppleTV as I was considering using it as my amps thru the TV sound system. In GarageBand for example, when you activate AirPlay, you get a warning that "Input" will be disabled while outputting sound to the AirPlay device. A small annoyance but it would have been fun.

Otherwise, this is a great way to play some electric guitar without disturbing the neighborhood, at least, if you do not sing at the same time...

Happy solo!

VicoPad addict!


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Feb 12, 2012
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United States
One of the first things I bought BEFORE I received my iPad (I ordered it at the same time I ordered my iPad). This was the main reason I bought my iPad...to record music directly to it...much easier than using my Fast Track Pro into my PC! GarageBand is nice and great for practice. But I like the flexibility of Amplitub & JamUp Pro...more features & I like the tones a bit better.


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Jun 14, 2012
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I can see the potential in the iPad to record due to portability etc I use it exclusively for capturing ideas and creating demo's. I then use record the idea at my studio using Pro Tools. I can't describe the feeling to be able to capture musings, doodles, lyric ideas, riffs etc in one device when only 2 months ago I was still using my old 4 track and pen and paper.
I reckon the iPad will eventually become powerful enough to run Pro Tools and I don't mean LE version within the next few years.

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