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iPads Are Still the Most Wanted Gadget for Young and Old Alike


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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MacRumors reports today on the results of a new survey from Nielsen that looks into what gadgets kids are interested in buying in the next six months, with the stats broken down in terms of age. In the “Kids aged 6-12, U.S.†age group the iPad came out on top with 48%, some way ahead of Nintendo’s new Wii U console, which polled 39%. The rest of the top five in this age group was totally Apple dominated, with 36% equally wanting an iPod touch and an iPad mini, and 33% wanting an iPhone. A sizeable 29% said that they wanted a tablet other than an iPad, however, which will please all the other tablet manufacturers out there! Nielsen also polled kids aged 13+, and found that the top five was a little different, with the iPad still coming out on top, but only with 21%. In second place was [a] computer, with 19%, tablet computer other than iPad was third, with 18%, the Wii U was fourth, with 17%, and the iPhone was fifth with 14%.

MacRumors also reports that in their own survey of adult buying intentions over the coming holiday season, Reuters found that one third of consumers in the US were considering buying a tablet, with the iPad coming out on top with 25%.

Source: Kids and Adults Want iPads More Than Anything Else This Holiday Season - Mac Rumors

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