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ipad2 sync with Outlook personal on Windows desktop


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Dec 31, 2011
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Spokane Valley, WA
I'm new to the ipad user group ... long-time Windows user so oftentimes the simplest things evade me because I have "windows rules" embedded in my head.

I have successfully added my pop3 account to the ipad2. I synced my Outlook just fine with itunes. both with a wire and wirelessly and it does a good job of getting Contacts and calendar. I have the box checked to sync mail too, but in small print it says "syncing mail accounts syncs your account settings, but not your passwords or messages."

I have my POP3 account set up on the ipad2 but I think it is set up as IMAP. it gets all messages from the server. I also have this (my main mail account) set up to be the default send-from account from the ipad2. My problem is, when i send a reply, I don't know where to find the sent message.

I would prefer for it to sync mail with my outlook account, but if that isn't possible, would like to hear what other users do to make sent messages stored on their main account also. I have the ability to use web-based mail with my private mail, but my main use is from Outlook on my desktop. Whenever I have sent a message from web-based mail in the past (like if I'm out of town or whatever I can log into my web-based mail and send replies) then I also send a bcc copy to myself so I can file it properly in my desktop Outlook file.

Many comments online talk about using the 'cloud' to sync all this. I'm not sure exactly what steps are involved in this and what it really means ... another email account @me.com and then send everything through that??

Anyway, thanks for help and suggestions. If this is in the wrong forum, please correct the location and let me know.

appreciate your help!

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