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iPad2 & iPhone4 sync'd but showing different Contacts


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Apr 14, 2011
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My boss has just bought an iPad2 and sync'd it with his MS Exchange account. He also has an iPhone4 which has been sync'd to his account fine for some time now.

Issue: The Contacts showing on his iPhone match his Exchange account contacts exactly. On his iPad2 they do not.

When Contacts group is selected on both devices the iPhone has the complete list, but the iPad2 only shows ~60% of the list.:confused:

The missing contacts do show when All Contacts group is selected - but obviously this includes unwanted contacts from the Suggested group and so on.

Question: Why is the iPhone displaying the full list of contacts correctly when the Contats group is selected, whereas the iPad2 shows an incomplete list when the same Contacts group is selected?

It (his iPad2) obviously knows they are there, as it includes them in Full Contacts group, and they are not in the Suggested Contacts group....so common sense (and checking) dictate that they are in his normal Contacts Group....but they do not display in the list.

I have turned off Contacts syncing, and ok'd the delete all option. Then turned contacts syncing back on. Same thing is happening.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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