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Ipad won't back up

Gen from Oz

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Feb 12, 2011
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My Ipad1 won't back up to either computer or ICloud. It just keeps saying there's a problem, try later.

Ipad backed up fine to computer until I got Iphone and started using ICloud. I have managed to get my contacts, notes, and calender to update both-ways between iphone and ipad, so that is obviously working! But my Ipad still won't back up.

I sought help and was told to delete te backups already on comuter, which I did. Ipad still won't back up and I now have no backup on computer!!

Can anyone advise what the problem/solution is?

In addition, IBooks and Tripadvisor apps, both working fine on Iphone, won't open on Ipad -well they flicker open briefly and then close. I have tried deleting and then re-installing both apps, but same problem.

Look forward to advice!! Gen
I'm on 5.01.1. I have actually solved problem - will say how for others who may have same prob.

Following other advice we deleted apps that wouldn't load and hard booted the IPad (hold down power switch and home button together until little apple appears). Wait til it turns off, then restart if it doesn't self-start. Then we re-loaded apps. This didn't work!

Then decided to restore settings. I had no back up in ITunes by then so took precaution of emailing myself valuable docs etc first. I turned off Icloud backup on both phone and IPad to protect my contacts and calendar.

It started to restore and download softwear but kept timing out. This happened a while ago too, so we had softwear on computer. What you need to do is hold down the shift key while you click restore - ITunes Then looks for it on computer instead of trying to download.

The restore worked, had to muck around a bit to get everything back on IPad like before and got some dupe calendars and reminders, but apps now work and iPad backs up to computer and iCloud and autu updates between phone and iPad.


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