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Ipad will not connect to internet


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Sep 21, 2011
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I have an IPad 2 with 3G. The cable company installed a cable modem in my house. I bought a wireless
Router and they connected it to the modem. All connections are good and all power is on. My IPad is getting a strong signal from the router. In wifi settings I clicked to choose that network but IPad and safari will not connect to Internet. I don't have a computer. The cable company said it would all work with just modem, router and iPad. What do I need to do? Thanks
Do you have another WiFi device - iPhone, laptop etc - that you can use to check whether the WiFi connection is actually also connected to the Internet?

Hi Tim.............No just my IPad. Instructions came with the router about connecting to Internet. I used the setup wizard and got a message that the connection was alive and well. I got a message about "static IP address" and then a bunch of zeros in the spaces where the numbers go. I replaced the zeros with the numbers from settings on my iPad, but couldn't find any settings for gateway address. Thanks for the help.
I tried my friend's wifi phone and it wouldn't connect either.

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