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iPad Will Continue to Rule Tablet Market Until 2016


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Boy Genius Report writes today on the findings of a new report from Forrester Research, which says that Apple’s iPad is set to dominate the tablet market all the way through until 2016, even in the face of the expected increased competition. The report says that in 2016, the iPad will still command 53% of the global tablet market, with emerging markets accounting for almost 40% of all tablet sales. The report goes on to say that in the next five years, the global tablet market will grow to 375 million devices, a massive increase from the 56 million tablets sold worldwide in 2011. As far as serious rivals to the iPad’s dominance are concerned, Forrester Research says that only Amazon’s Kindle Fire can be considered a viable competitor to the iPad, adding that Google and RIM’s tablets have fallen far short of the iPad so far. The report also predicts that by 2016, approximately one-third of all tablet sales will be business sales, representing around 122 million units sold.

Source: Apple iPad to dominate tablet market through 2016

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