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iPad wedges itself into a car’s bumper, still works after a 1 hour ride


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Let’s face it - most of us are worried about damaging our precious gadgets by dropping them on hard surfaces or placing them in inappropriate containers. But a true story showcases that some devices are not as sensible as previously thought.

23-year old Georgia college graduate, Alexa Crisa, was casually running errands one day, without having absolutely no idea her car had an illegal passenger attached to it. Apparently the young woman was strolling through town with an Apple iPad attached to the bumper of her car. How did the device get there? That’s another amazing story. The tablet allegedly flew off the roof off another car, bounced off the road and into the bumper. Quite a wild scenario, overall.

Crisa recalls at some point seeing something fly out from the roof of another car while she was on the road in her town – Marietta. But she didn’t feel the iPad hit her bumper. Her dad was the one who noticed it first, after she got home. To remove it, he had to use a hammer. After the iPad was freed, it was proven to everyone’s surprise that the device still worked.

“It was so remarkable that it was thrown from the roof of the car at 40 mph and still looked like that. It looked like nothing had happened to the back of the iPad.â€

Even if the iPad’s owner had locked the screen of the tablet, on Sunday Crisa was able to see a phone number appear on the gadget’s screen. That’s how she managed to track the owner. He did not wish his name revealed but he did explain that he left his tablet and wallet on the roof of his car. The affair ended well for everyone as the owner got his iPad replaced, while Crisa was offered a new bumper for her car.

Source: ABC News


iPF Novice
Oct 12, 2011
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Upstate, NY
Would apple care have replaced it for this? Ya never know when this could happen to you! :D

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