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Ipad treated as a computer in Zurich and Rome


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Mar 25, 2010
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Just back from trip to Rome via Zurich. Had to take out my iPad in Zurich even though they knew it was an iPad. Said it was a computer. Best to take out your iPad so you go thru security the first time. Worked great in Rome with wireless from the hotel.:)
Bummer that you had to take it out. I'm going to try to get through security with it and see what they say. Thanks for the heads up though.
Not seeing the problem here. It's on and off again in seconds, and it's not like we don't enjoy showing the thing off.
I don't, I hate when people come up to me and ask me about it.
Having to take off your shoes is worse.
i think that the TSa i a joke as it is inside the states ..but i really hate the fact that this jokers who can not get a job at buger king flipping bugers ..
Taking off my shoes is hard for me as I am a senior. If you are flying back through Zurich, the lines are extremely long so take out the iPad!
I was traveling with a group and some asked me about the Pad and how I liked it. I used it in my room for the wireless and security. Security at Zurich at least knew what it was. This was May 24 and it came out in Europe on May 28. Things may be different later.:)
I haven't had to take mine out yet, but I have a feeling people are going to be catching on.
Having to take off your shoes is worse.
Hope no one ever shoves a bomb in their ass, we'll all be bent over.
no we will be flying naked in a body cast or in a little pods with the comforts of home but you not allowed out of the pod and if the person gives you trouble just push the button and the floor opens up and pod falls away from the main area and is on a leash hanging below the plane intill it ready to land and it the pod gets reeled back in and safety locked down intill has landed and your fellow flyers are off the plane that when you pod is open by the local pd and they going to have the talk with you not beening nice dureing the flight .. ..

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