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iPad & Tablet Swing Arm Clamp on Sale!


Supporting Vendor
Supporting Vendor
Feb 10, 2011
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This year we added a really nice Swing Arm option for mounting your iPad or tablet to your desk. You've probably seen this sort of mount used with PC monitors but now you can get one for your iPad.


We offer all kinds of mounting options including iPad-specific brackets that firmly snap onto your iPad as well as adjustable brackets that fit tablets of various sizes (or if you have a case or cover).

This unit has the following features:
  • Two fully-articulating aluminum arms
  • Swivel range: full 360 degrees
  • Arm tilt range: up to 90 degrees
  • Tablet screen tilt range: up to 135 degrees
  • Full extended length: Approximately 20"
  • Sliding height adjustment: 1 to 9.5"
  • Table clamp fits surfaces up to 3-1/8" thick
  • Weight capacity: up to 3.3lbs
Check out our slide show for the iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp at SnakeClamp.com!

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