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Ipad security


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Oct 14, 2011
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Hope you guys can help

I need some advice, I am looking at issuing the iPads to our engineers, who are rather clumsy but also possibly a little forgetful. Clumsy I can get round with Otterbox. The other issues I have are to only allow them to use certain Apps but also not allow them to be deleted

The other thing is I need to ensure the iPad does not leave the building or stays within a certain area. Can I setup the iPad to notify me of when they have moved out of a certain area

I do have find my iPhone/iPad but it's not exactly what I need

Thank you


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Mar 25, 2011
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Well, jacob11 didn't really answer your questions.

You probably want to read through this whitepaper starting at Page 15 "Device Configuration Overview" which will give high level overviews of things you can configure to disallow installing and uninstalling of apps and things like that, although it takes some technical expertise (exporting things, modifying XML, etc), but that will give you an idea of how to get started with it.

I don't have a good answer for the question about notifying you if it leaves an area. I'm more of an Android guy and I know there's an App called SeekDroid that we use. It lets us use a PC to set up virtual "fences" that will send me an email if the device leaves an area using either the GPS (if turned on) or cell phone towers to determine the location. Then I can use the PC to locate where the device is at or lock the device, wipe the device, change the passcode, sound an alarm or send a message to it (like "GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE, YOU NO-GOOD PUNK!"). Of course, none of that helps if the device is powered off, but would activate as soon as the device powers up again.

I am sure there's an iOS equivalent, but I don't know what it is since I've never looked. There's "Find My iPhone," but from what I can tell, it will only allow you to locate it...not notify you if it leaves an area.
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