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ipad screensaver option


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Jun 12, 2012
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I want to put the ipad on the front desk of my business. I'd like to use it for clients to submit their info into an option form. When it's not in use, I'd like to have a screensaver scroll through images, and when someone touches the screen, I want it to go back to the optin form.

Is this possible?

The only option I see within the ipad is the auto-lock, but when it locks, the screen goes dark, and i have to click the unlock button and then click on the screen saver option .. then once I tough the screen, i have to unlock it and it goes back to the form.. to get the screen saver back up I have to go through that manual process again..

Is there an option or app that will make a screensaver start after a couple minutes of idling? And go back to the page when someone touches it?

Any way I can do that at all?


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