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iPad proxy authentication support for third party applications


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Apr 12, 2011
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South Africa
Hi all.

As I'm sure many of you are aware, iOS does not cater for automatic system-wide proxy settings for third party applications, UNLESS the developer has specifically coded it into the application.

Hence, we are stuck with a device that, should we be connected to a proxy-authenticated network, cannot perform almost half of the operations I'd like it to support.

A prime example is when I am on campus (currently a university student): At home, I can use all my applications, however, when I come onto campus, connect to the WPA2-enterprise network (which has an automatic proxy configuration file, set in my network settings on my iPad), I can only use internet-requiring applications developed by Apple, or that include proxy authentication prompts coded in the application.

This ultimately defeats the main idea of having the iPad in the first place. I purchased it to ultimately rid the need of bringing my laptop onto campus every day, as technically speaking, the iPad can do everything I require on campus.

I imagine that a lot of you have experienced the same issue, and I'd like to know if you have solved it in any way, other than anything relating to changing settings on the proxy server (as I do not have access to those rights). Is it perhaps possible, albeit being a far-fetched idea, to route all network traffic on the iPad through a specific proxy address by changing a system configuration file? I imagine this would only be able to be done with a jailbroken iPad, but that's not necessarily a problem.

I have already asked this question over on the official Apple Support forums, but no reasonable response has been given. I have also sent feedback to Apple with this issue, but I highly doubt my single message is going to change much.

Thanks guys.
I too find this annoying, the only way I have got around it is to tether my iphone to my ipad via bluetooth and use the 3G connection, (which I didn't know I could do until today!)

I used to do this on my jailbroken ipad, but didn't think this was possible using the ipad2!

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