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iPad Pro and Blue Yeti Nano


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Mar 9, 2018
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We have a Blue Yeti Nano microphone; it’s cable ends in USB-A. I have Apple’s adapter that connects USB-A to Lightning.

Blue’s site has only Mac and Windows versions of their Sherpa - which controls gain and pattern. Nothing for iPad.

Does this mean or suggest that Blue microphones aren’t intended for platforms other than Windows or Mac, regardless of whether they can be connected with cables?

Thank you


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
It should just work when you plug it in. There is no special software. As far as I know iOS/iPadOS auto levels mic inputs. There is no master control for gain. Unless the software you are using has gain controls you have to hope the iOS device does a good job. I have not heard a lot of complaints about this, so I'm guessing it's ok for most people and uses.

Ferrite has input gain control for the iPad, but it is disabled on my iPhone. I believe Garage Band allows gain control when recording.

I'm guessing most video chat apps don't.

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