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iPad Pouches/Sleeves

Mar 11, 2011
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For anyone looking for a good iPad sleeve I ordered one from Etsy which I recieved today in the mail and I'm thrilled with it, so much so that I thought I should share it and post the link here to help other people that are looking for good quality and aesthetic sleeves :)

The sleeve is handmade, beautifully and expertly crafted, it's padded which provides excellent protection and it has an outside pocket to store other things like a stylus or whatever. The woman who sells them custom makes them for a bunch of devices and has a bunch of patterns available. Plus, she is really fast: I ordered it a week and a half ago to be sure I would get it in time since it was going to be handmade and shipped international (I'm in Europe) and I've recieved it already, one week and a half before the iPad 2 launch in Europe :)

Anyway, here is the link and some photos:

kreatedbykim on Etsy



To be fair, there are any number of great and affordable (and customizable) iPad sleeves available from etsy.com. I had a handmade sleeve to fit my iPad with its case inside, from Kimoley Bags, which was customized to be slightly bigger and with a fabric of my choosing.

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