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Ipad Photo sync problem with Windows 7


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Aug 10, 2010
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Hi guys

I own a IPAD 3G 64 gigs - jailbroken

Recently i ran into problem with synching my photo from my laptop running windows 7

it used to work fine, i was running i-tunes 9.1 before
the other day, i tried to add more photos into my ipad and

it synched apps, music, other files but when it comes to photos, itunes deleted all my photos on ipad then it stopped synching- now all the previous albums is deleted from my ipad

so i tried to update to i-tunes 9.2

and still the same things happend (cant transfer photo from pc to ipad)

can someone help me figure out why is this happening?

i try to delete the ipod photo cache but nothin happend when i tried to sync

im getting frustated over this...please help


Rap :mad:

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