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ipad pdf problem urgent plleeaasse


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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi all, hope you can help me...i bought an ipad to assist me in my nursing college course. every week i need to read about 20 pdf documents that are within my college website. these cannot be downloaded or saved and must be opened whilst online. my problem is that any pdf's that have diagrams/drawings do not open??i get the first page and a bit of text and that is it? i do not have any additional apps installed that may be intefering, it is as it came from apple? pleeaassee help
Hit 'post' too soon.
I've had no problems viewing tech documents with photos diagrams etc, though I do have to save them to my iPad. U can delete them afterwards if necessary.
Also, it allows u to highlight, underline or copy parts of 'locked' PDFs!
I was wary of 9.99 but reviews were great and a few weeks later I have not been disappointed!

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