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iPad Owners Watch Web Videos for Longer


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Forbes' Velocity blog has a report from web video portal site MeFeedia, which looked at the habits of 125,000 unique mobile visitors to its site since July 1st, and unsurprisingly found that iPad users are watching videos for approximately 5 minutes, Symbian users for 4.1 minutes, Android users for 3 minutes, and iPhone users for 2.4 minutes. With the benefits of the bigger screen, it's no surprise that the iPad comes out on top when compared to other mobile devices, or indeed that it also wins hands down over general video web viewing figures, which TubeMogul reported as being under 2 minutes back in March.

I'm sure many iPad owners would agree with MeFeedia's findings, as it somehow feels much more comfortable watching web videos for longer on your iPad. They look even better than on our computer screens, for starters, and there's nothing quite like curling up and relaxing with your iPad and watching some videos rather than sitting up and looking at your computer screen, so I'm sure most of us are spending longer watching them and watching more of them as well.

Source: Forbes

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