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iPad owners! MEET the caseen VIBE Stylus!


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Nov 15, 2011
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Los Angeles
Dear iPad and iPad 2 owners,

I am excited to announce our latest stylus product! Its been a long time coming, and it features an amazing all new dielectric mesh tip design!

Its the caseen VIBE stylus! You can check out the full experience at our website: VIBE Stylus | caseen

Looking forward to questions and responses. Our dielectric mesh tip undergoes a series of design tests and quality controls before it reaches your door (especially the tip and aluminum clip). It has taken us awhile to design and get this out for us, and hoping you all will trust our quality to buy one and be the first of many to create a new market response! A family of VIBE stylus in all new shapes and sizes is to come!

A few pictures:


You can get the caseen VIBE stylus with FREE SHIPPING through our website:
caseen VIBE Stylus (Black) for Capacitive Touch Screens

Amazon.com through our dealer:

Amazon.com: caseen VIBE Stylus Pen (Black) for Capacitive Touch Screens w/ Gift Box: Electronics

Amazon.com: caseen VIBE Stylus Pen (White) for Capacitive Touch Screens: Electronics

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