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Ipad one month review


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Nov 28, 2010
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If you are deciding on purchasing an Ipad, you may find this useful if you stumble across this review.

I bought an Ipad for travel, so I could watch movies, play games, and read eBooks. The battery life is excellent, around 10+ hours if you are not watching video or playing an intensive game. I was surprised how the Ipad generated almost zero heat, even with the case on at all times.

I have also found that my Ipad has made me shelve my netbook, as the Ipad runs a lot smoother, and is so much more convenient to use on the couch because of the slim profile and touch screen. Video quality is surprisingly good, as the screen's resolution is good for this size tablet.

There are also a ton of cool applications, free and not free.

For web surfing, the Ipad covers about 90% of the stuff I use. However, the lack of Flash support does partially limit your web surfing. For example, certain websites use flash for menus, videos, and applications (i.e. grooveshark). Also, file management can be cumbersome, as the IOS operating system does not really handle this natively. It relies on applications to handle this.

Also, there is not an easy way to demo software/applications, unless the developer happens to create a "lite" version for trial. There are a lot of free and cheap applications, so this is not a huge deal for me.

Overall conclusion: Being a lifelong windows PC user, I was surprised how much I love the Ipad. I highly recommend for travel, and casual browsing while watching TV. It is NOT a PC replacement, so this is best used as a secondary device.

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