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iPad Numbers Forms & sales lists


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Mar 31, 2012
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I use a spreadsheet that has a number of sheets per day for listing sales/orders. The order pickers use this printout to collect and distribute the orders.

Each sale/order has a buyer, and a number of lines of purchases (qty, product, price).

Using the Numbers App for iPad, can I create a Form that will fill out these details and then update the Table so that I can show a multiple number of sales (buyers and his purchases) per sheet?

The trouble I am having is to create the multiple purchases for each buyer.

I have only been able to create the form with a buyer and 1 purchase.

The general layout on the sheet that gets printed by the order pickers would be like this:

52Product 2$50
Buyer 2
2Product 3$10
150Product 4$1

The "Form" the salesman fills out while talking to the buyer should just be the buyer and his multiple purchases and this will then update onto the table/sheet above.

I hope I am clear enough. I have only had the App a few days. Thanks for any help.

Hi Phil,

let me summarize what I understand.

1. You have several salespeople with iPads and the numbers app, and they go to different buyers and get orders for several products.
2. At the end of the day (week or whatever period) you want to have one spreadsheet with all the details (buyer, sales guy, product, quantity, money).

If this is correct then there might be a solution - but with the additional desktop MS Excel program.

So I assume you have access to MS Excel on a PC or Mac.

First create the basic structure of the sheet you want the salespeople to use. - in Excel on Desktop
Then - based on this basic structure and your reporting needs - find a VBA programmer (Visual Basic for Applications- it is the programming language which is used in MS Office programs), who can create a code/macro to automatically merge all your sales reps sheets into one sheet with your desired reporting structure. (That' s just about half a day's to one day's work.)

And you are done.

The workflow then is as follows:

The reps mail their sheet at the end of the day/period to you as an excel sheet exported from numbers.
You on your desktop machine put all sheets in one directory and start the macro. When it is done you should have your report.

As numbers or other office apps on the iPad do not yet have the ability to run VBA code my proposal has to use an MS Excel desktop version.

There might be other solutions to your task - maybe with bento or handbase both of which are databases but I have not yet tried these.

Should you need more info please ask or send a pm.

Hope this helps.

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