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iPad News Apps?


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Mar 27, 2012
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Does anyone use news apps on the iPad? Which ones are people using here?
I use the BBC News App which is free as well as The Guardian (UK Newspaper) it's a free App too but after an introductory period the daily newspaper costs a small sum. Most newspapers have good Apps that enable you to read the printed issue online.

I guess, I should have been a bit more clear in my question--I was thinking more along the lines of news aggregators versus apps for specific news sources. I'm trying to understand what types of news apps interest individuals, generally.

As a full disclosure, I do work for News360.
I like to know what is going on in the world a lot and political news is great to
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Pulse, Zite and Flipboard are some popular news-aggregating apps.

I prefer to use specific websites over aggregators, but I check out the aggregators, too. For tech news, I like all sorts of sites, including ones that link or cross post from other sites. On the whole, I prefer news websites to apps, which often aren't as robust when it comes to content.
The 3 you mentioned tend to be popular ones that are usually the response. News360 is planning on doing some beta testing that I was going to start a thread for later. Kaykaykay and others interested, I would love to have you guys join the beta testing group.
I love the news apps. Am and pm.
NEWS PRO (Reuters)
The Guardian
Breaking News is my new favourite. Updates all the time. Wish the others could do that.

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I do use Pulse and I think the news in the is quite enough for me.
Flipboard has the best interface by far. If I remember correctly from my Android tablet days News360 could give it a run for its money.
My favourite is the Pulse app. I like to be able to browse through multiple sites from one app.

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