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iPad Music & Djay App


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Apr 19, 2012
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I wish to make a few purchases for my iPad(3) but have a couple of questions first. Apologies in advance for the ignorance (I am a iPad newby) and that there is more than one question here.

Firstly I have all of my music stored on my iMac home computer and wish to play the songs on my iPad. I don't want to copy all my music to my iPad as I will end up using all of the available memory. I have attempted the Remote App but for some reason it doesn't show all of my songs. Is there a better App to play my music on the iPad?

I am considering purchasing Airport Express so that I can send my music to my front room speakers, via an amplifier. The Airport Express (so I am told) will pick up anything that I play in iTunes on my iMac. Is it possible to do this from my iPad, considering I wish to keep all of my music stored on my iMac hard drive?

I understand this is more of a question that I should be asking the App developer, but they are either ignoring me or seriously slow in responding. Plus I figured someone here may know more than they do. Does anyone know if the djay App for the iPad will read the songs I have stored on my iMac hard drive? And will I be able to send what I am playing to the Airport Express.

I hope that made sense. Advice to any of the above would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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