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iPad Mini’s Ultra-Thin Bezel Technology Explained


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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AppleInsider has a fascinating feature today all about the technology that enables Apple to make the new iPad mini’s bezel so thin, while ensuring that you don’t accidentally touch the screen. Apparently, Apple is using advanced software that intelligently recognises whether your thumb is just resting on the display, i.e. holding the bezel, or whether or not you’re actually wanting to interact with the screen. As AppleInsider notes, one way in which the iPad mini differs from the regular-sized iPad is by having wider bezels at the top and bottom, but thinner bezels at the side, which is actually more like an iPhone or iPod touch. In contrast the regular-sized iPad has symmetrical bezels all around. In this way, Apple is able to give the iPad mini a 7.9-inch screen, instead of the expected 7-inch screen. We await the actual release of the iPad mini to find out for sure if this technology actually works as it’s supposed to!

Source: Advanced software helps iPad mini ignore unintended touches near bezel

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