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Ipad mini Lcd half dead after digitizer replacement


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Jun 21, 2014
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Hello everybody!
I just tried to fix my iPad mini after my father broke the digitizer.
So....where do I start??
  • First time I do this kind of operations
  • Removed the broken digitizer (that was messy...glass shattered everywhere!)
  • Removed the lcd and shield plate
  • Disconnected broken digitizer, lcd and battery
  • Cleaned up everything
  • Connected the new digitizer, lcd and battery
  • Tested the iPad to see if everything was working
There is no backlight but you can see the icons on the lcd, the problem is that the left half of the screen is dead!
I tried to disconnect and re-connect the lcd again but nothing changed, have I damaged something while I was removing the lcd??
Can someone help me out???


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