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iPad Mini Launch Event to Stream Via Apple TV


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Jun 7, 2010
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iMore reports that Apple is planning to stream today's iPad Mini (or whatever they're going to call it!) launch event via Apple TV. Apple has even added a new app to the Apple TV home page, which is called "Apple Special Event - LIVE", with a "Tune in" time of 10:00 Pacific Time, when the event is scheduled to start. iMore says that as far as it knows the event will only be streamed via Apple TV, but that may change as the day goes on of course. This is quite a turn up for the books for Apple, and an indication of just how important they consider this launch, as iMore notes that Apple rarely live streams its announcement events, despite the massive interest that they cause. In fact, the last time was back in 2010. As iMore says, it's great for Apple TV owners that they get to watch the event live, but how about giving us iPhone, Mac, and iPad owners some love too Apple?!

UPDATE!: 9To5 Mac has posted a link from which it says you may be able to watch the live stream from your Safari browser via iPad or iPhone (and possibly computer? give it a try anyway). Here is the link: http://qthttp.apple.com.edgesuite.net/1210pibasdfvoihbadsv/atv_direct_mvp.m3u8

Apple adds 'Apple Events' to Apple TV, will live stream iPad mini announcement later today | iMore.com
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