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iPad keyboard and annotation apps


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Feb 7, 2012
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Alberta, Ca
Hi all,
I'm a uni student and would like to start using my iPad more in class for note taking and such things. Can anyone recommend a good portable Bluetooth keyboard case or not. And a good reliable PowerPoint/ PDF annotating app.

Thank so much!!!!

Quickoffice Pro HD is a good choice for showing Powerpoints. It will also work with Word and Excel files too (can save in doc and docx format, for example).

As far as a bluetooth keyboard is concerned, I am sold on Zagg's keyboard/hard case/stand. You can get one at Best Buy for $100 USD. When not in use, you place the glass side of the iPad into the keyboard and it becomes a hard case to protect the screen. I have used my Zagg all around the world, literally, and it is the only way I would travel. It is compact, it protects the iPad, gives a decent keyboard (I am typing on it right now), and you will definite get looks of desire from anyone who see's you using it.

I bought the Zagg case/keyboard for my wife's iPad1 and when I got my iPad2 (of course I get the newer one), I bought the iPad2 designed case/keyboard for it.
I also recommend the Zagg, specifically the Folio2.

For PDF annotation, take a look at Goodreader (App Store).

I recently searched for an app which would allow note taking. It looks like the most popular app is Evernote (free, requires an account). I wanted to avoid opening an account and really wanted Dropbox functionality. I found Nebulous for iPad (App Store) which allows me to open/save *.txt files directly with Dropbox. This was the perfect solution for me. I can bang out notes all day on the iPad and have them instantly available on my laptop when I get home.
The Zagg keyboard recommendations are super - I concur. To work with Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc. as you've indicated, I use CloudOn and Dropbox. I can comment, add text boxes, my own graphics, etc.

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