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iPad is rebroadcasting the SSID of my last connection as an available wireless netwrk


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May 6, 2010
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iPad is rebroadcasting the SSID of my last wireless connection as an available wireless network. Has anyone else seen this?

For example, if I tether to my Droid and then turn off tethering. If I launch a wi-fi analyzer, it will still show the SSID of my Droid as an available wireless network. The mac address will be that of my iPad. While you do not appear to be able to successfully connect to it I am just wondering if I'm the only person that sees this occurring?

I have the wi-fi only version of the iPad.

Thanks in advance.
I think the same thing happens with mywi on the iPhone. Turning wifi off on the iPad, stop tethering, exiting mywi, and rebooting the iPhone/iPad should be a way to avoid it.
This is the problem some universities have found with the iPad. They require a full shutdown after the iPad disconnects from wifi use.

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