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Ipad in Bulgaria


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Jul 13, 2010
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Bulgaria, Varna

My name is Sirma and I live in Bulgria, Europe. I got iPad for my birthday and i am so happy - the iPad is not even selling in Bulgaria. So, big surpirse! But as there is no support centre and I cannot find anyone who know anything about iPad in Bulgaria, I had to find you:)
My problem is: with the iPod (the music player of iPad). I search and search through many websites to find someone having my problem, but so far - nothing.

1. In the beginning it was working fine. Syncing - fine. Opens fine. Sounds fine!
2. But when i starting downloading apps, books etc. or I am not exactly sure why
3. I got the open and close issue of the iPod - everytime i try to chose iPod form the icons on my iPad - THE WINDOW opens, for 2 sec., I can see that the iPod is empty - no songs, no option menu on the left side, nothing, as if it is an empy app.
4. i tried to sync it again with some music - the sync looked ok. the iTunes give me message that it is ok. But the iPod was still empty and opens for sec and than automatically closes.

If you need more details please ask me. I do not know what else to explain.

I hope that you can help me.

Best regards,


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