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iPad golf pushcart mount with solar powered fan


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Jul 8, 2010
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I use Golfshot GPS on my 64gb 3g ipad, and wanted something that would allow me to attach the iPad to my pushcart.

I started with a simple stand made of three sided boxed aluminum that you can get at Home Depot in the door section, cut it with a small cordless hacksaw. The hacksaw with miter box does a shoddy job on angles so version 1 looks rough around the edges. I used copper pipe and rivets for all connections. I also used some aluminum flat stock to attach my pieces together.

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The iPad overheated after about 10 holes and needed to be shut down and cooled for a while. I believe direct sunlight was the culprit.

I headed back to the drawing board and came up with Version 2. This one is made of one piece of boxed aluminum c channel, folded at the corners to minimize rivets bracing. This time I used my 12" Milwaukee miter saw with a non-ferrous metal blade.

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I attached a Volkswagen solar charger to a small computer fan sucking the hot air from the back of the iPad.

I have not been able to hit the links yet, but should get out there soon and I will report back on my experiences.
Great work.
Your main problem is that you will now need a powered golf cart.........
This could be the start of a business empire!
thanks for the comments. I wish I knew how to weld so I could really go to town on this and eliminate things like the copper and rivets. hehe
Updated it with the Ram-Mount system for the ipad. Looks less chopped up and more elegant IMO.

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