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iPad Game Discounts All Over the App Store to Celebrate Launch of iPad 2


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Games companies are falling over themselves to discount their games in the App Store this weekend in order to attract all those new iPad 2 owners, but it’s also a great way of letting the original iPad owners in on the party too. And, most of the sales are worldwide as well, not just in the US. Pocket Gamer has a comprehensive round-up of the most current sales, with the most notable of these being Gameloft offering the likes of Iron Man 2 for iPad and Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD for £0.59/$0.99 each, and EA, which is heavily discounting the price of lots of its games, including Boggle, Risk, Command & Conquer Red Alert and even Dead Space. Sadly this sale is for the US only for the majority of the EA games listed by Pocket Gamer, but for some reason the Dead Space price drop to $6.99/£3.99 applies outside of the US. Chillingo has also slashed the price of seven of its iPad games to £0.59/$0.99 each, including Master of Alchemy, Great Adventures, Sneezies HD and Lamp of Aladdin. Bulkypix, Team 17 (Worms HD), Firemint (Flight Control HD) and 2D Boy (World of Goo) are also all cutting the prices of their iPad games this weekend. Best advice would be to have a good look around the App Store weekend as the games discounts are coming thick and fast!

Source: Pocket Gamer: iPad 2 launch game sales roundup iPad

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