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iPad Dock


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Jul 5, 2010
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I really want something to dock my iPad in, but not sure if I should get the Apple Dock/Keyboard Dock or another brand. I would probably use a keyboard at some point, but not sure if having a keyboard attached to the dock gets in the way. Also, I was wondering if some of the non apple docks could hold the iPad with a thin case on it? Suggestions?

I know there's not much to discuss here, but hope those with docks will be able to say what they are like etc

I bought an Apple dock. I don't like it. The iPad is fragile when I put it in, being heavy. When I take it out it always feel like the thing is going to tear out the connector.

I now only use it to show pictures once in a while.

Instead, I built a floor stand that allow to bring the iPad as far as I need from my face and I use a bluetooth keyboard paired up with it.
I love the dock alone, but I really have no need to input data while it's docked. For versatility I'd rather have the wireless keyboard and the separate dock if I thought I'd need to use both sometimes.
I have the Apple dock without the keyboard, I don't even use it anymore. I was worried it was pulling on the 30 pin connector to much.
I'd really like some sort of dock or stand to hold it up, so I thought a dock would be better since it charges. Those with a keyboard dock, what's it like and what are the special buttons at the top?
I saw a small desktop easel in our local craft stroe, which looks ideal for the ipad (the bottom has a lip on it, so that would prevent the ipad from slipping out) - its the perfect size too.

Hoping to pick one up at the weekend, so i will post pics if it turns out to be ok.
They sell business card holders at office depot for like 60 cents that work well with the ipad.
Just had a look on eBay and there are thousands of chinese iPad stands that dock and charge. Not sure of the quality, best to get an apple one?

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