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ipad display problem with jquery plugin


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Jan 26, 2012
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nyc baby
Hi folks! I'm a web developer and a client of mine has said he has been receiving complaints from users viewing his site using an ipad. Since I don't have an ipad, I'd be very appreciative if someone could have a quick look at the site in question and let me know if you are experiencing display issues.

Here's what SHOULD happen at the site in question...the thumbnails should scroll infinitely in either direction using the left and right arrows. On some thumbnails, clicking them will take you through to a secondary image gallery. The plugin used to achieve this is called jcarousel, and I have seen a few reports of issues with display problems on mobile devices using it. It would be great if some of you ipad-owning folks wouldn't mind playing around with the site and letting me know if it seems broken or noting any display problems (images don't show up, scroll only works in one direction, etc). Screenshots would be super awesome! Thanks.

Ok..it appears i cannot post links yet as I'm new. Please bear with me. The site is at www(dot) liveedgewoodcountertops(dot)com.

Thanks very much. -Jon
Tried several pages with no problems. The video works too. Not sure what screen shots you were looking for, there are a lot of screens.
Alright, thanks. I was curious to find out exactly what, if any problems are going on with the slider functionality. For example, if the left or right slider wasn't showing up, I'd want to see a screenshot of that, or if there seemed to be anything strange going on with the display of the thumbnails. Are you viewing with an Ipad 2?

Thanks for responding.
Yes, I'm using an iPad2. Here are some screen shots of the main page and different slider views.
The last picture is from tapping on one of the tables in the slider.


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