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iPad "blinks" at startup


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Aug 30, 2010
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My iPad is not displaying anything on the screen. When I turn it on, it "blinks" or flashes the normal home page, with the correct time, date and apps but it inmediately turns the screen off. I know the iPad is on because the screen has like a backlight on, and it turns off when I press the wake button.

I did a soft reset and then I had the Apple logo flash on the screen for a second and then the same: the screen is black but with a backlight on.

I took my iPad to my local Apple store, but because I live abroad and the iPad is not sold here there is no support. I bought it in the US a few months ago.

Anybody have any suggestions? Is this a problem others have experienced? It certainly looks like a hardware problem but I'm hopeful perhaps there is something I can do. Thanks in advance.


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Jun 11, 2010
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call the apple international support. i think they do replacement internationally.

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