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iPad Battery Always Says "Charged"


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May 15, 2010
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Greetings people!

Loving my iPad this Far.
But Im having a problem with charging. When I connect it to a wall supply, it keeps telling me its fully "Charged", no matter what the percentage of the battery are. Though it does charge usually, sometimes it changes the battery icon from the "lighting" to the "done charging" icon. When I remove the cable, and connects it again, it starts charging once again.

I tried to let it die out last night, and start the charge process, same thing happened, though this time the pad actually powered down, and wouldnt start up. Waited around 30 minutes and tried to turn it on again, worked fine and had around 20% battery. Still told me "Charged" instead of "Charging"

It seems that it doesnt know that the battery isnt full. Though it I let it charge, it does reach 100%

How some one knows what Im talking about.

Note that Im using the power supply that came with the iPad.

Got me on that one.... I would do a power down and then back on to see if it clears the problem...

So you are saying it shows in the little icon it's say 50% charged, but the word over it is "charged" instead of"charging"? If it is still actually charging, I would not really worry about it, but it is odd. All I get on mine is the little lightning bolt to show it's charging...
Thanks for the reply ;)

Just did a power down last evening, and let it charge over night, we'll see if it makes any difference.

Try and let yours sleep, then plug in the power. Itll wake up and show a battery icon on the middle of the screen.

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