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iPad as a Reading Material.... in the Bathroom!


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May 24, 2010
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Do you bring the iPad with you as a reading material in the bathroom? I sure do. What magazine or newspaper do you read while sitting in the throne? :D

I read TIME Magazine and The Province. :D
I don't think I can bring it with me :D too scared of the risks
I play games or check out app advice or Early Edition while there.
Certainly has sealed Readers Digest's fate.
Every morning!

I check iPadforums.net of course, facebook, and my google reader.
I always used my Sony Reader in the bathroom, and I bought the iPad as a replacement for it. Still, I haven't felt comfortable taking it in there yet. I may either keep the Sony just for that, or I might read on paper (I mean books).
I'm waiting for my iPad case to arrive because I'm too afraid of dropping it.
i read emails and send emails and check out a few items that i tracking with the numbers to see where they are at in the route ..once done i take it back to the liveing room area and then hop in the shower and do the whole morning thing to get ready for the work day .

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