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iPad App Store Revealed?


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Feb 13, 2010
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Take this one with a grain of salt and file it in the rumors bin, but app store fan site App Annie is posting what they claim are pictures of the actual Apple iPad App store feed that they were lucky enough to come across.

As you can see in the screenshots (one and two), the iPad App store seems to have categories akin to the iPhone/iPod Touch App store as it shows Top Paid Apps and Top Free Apps. The iPad App store homepage (here) also seems to have ways in which one can peruse top sellers as well as suggested applications, much like the current iTunes store.

Also of note is that some of these apps are tagged as 'HD' which is a dead giveaway for applications that are taking advantage of the iPad's higher resolution screen.

Truth? Fake? No one can tell for sure just yet, but if these are the real deal, we have a good idea of some of the iPad-ready apps we'll have within reach on launch day next weekend.

[Update] - Other Mac sites are also reporting the ability to see the iPad App store feed. This is legit but keep in mind pricing on apps may still change before April 3rd.

Link - Appannie
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