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ipad and it basic apps for the unit and the accessoies for it


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Mar 28, 2010
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So what are the basic apps and access items that you are going buy for the Ipad when it comes out ..

here is the apps i going to get for the ipad unit
games apps for the pad
-x-hox chess
-x-hoyle casino
-x-hoyle broad and puzzle

apple ipad apps
-x-dvdpedia for my dvd collection
-x-libarian pro for my personal book collection
-x-home invernory program

Kensington sling bag for the basic everyday travel with the Ipad unit

then add the following items for travel

-x-apple power cord for rechargeing the unit as it need
-x-screen cleaner cloth in own bag
-x-mp3 earphones for listening to mp3 player on the ipad unit ..

then add the extras items to be carried for my daily work travels

-x-ironkey usb secured stowage unit for work files as need
-x-reading glass in own hardshell stowage case
-x-iphone travel cell phone charger unit in own travel case.
plus anything else i thing i might need for my daily travels

the thing i can wait for is the unit comeing out so i can out a lot of the extras i have to carry for travel..

i just went and wieghed the laptop with all access i take with me for work and travel .. i put on the scale and it wieghed in at 22.pds total with everything i need for my daily work and travel .

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