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iPad 5 panel supply constraints have been resolved, according to research note


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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We’ve previously seen reports that Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini 2 could be hard to find at launch because of supply constraints, caused by the slow Retina Display panels production. However, Apple’s production of the upcoming fifth-generation iPad was plagued with the same issue - panel supply constraints.

According to a research note obtained by ChinaPost, Apple seems to have worked out the supply issues with the iPad 5 by adding a new supplier. Analyst Skye Chen said the following:

“We believe the panel supply issues will ease this month due to LG Display's improving yield rates and new supply from Samsung.â€

No details regarding the production of the next-gen iPad Mini have been shared, but if Apple releases the tablet tomorrow, then this means the bottlenecks have been solved.

Source: ChinaPost

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