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iPad 2 Ran HP’s webOS More than Twice as Fast as the HP TouchPad


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Jun 7, 2010
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Very interesting story on 9to5 Mac today, the day that HP announced that it is scrapping its TouchPad tablet, all about how, according to HP sources speaking to The Next Web, when Hewlett-Packard engineers hacked an iPad 2 and installed their own webOS on it, they found that it ran more than twice as fast on the iPad 2 than on the TouchPad! According to the report, the discovery was “devastating†to the research team. Apparently, webOS proved to be so slow on the HP TouchPad compared to its stellar performance on the iPad 2, that the engineers found that they were unable to develop any more technical innovations beyond a certain point. Apparently the research team even found that webOS could actually run in the iPad 2’s Safari browser as a web-app, and that it still ran much, much faster in Safari than when it was running on the TouchPad. Ouch!

9to5 Mac notes that webOS runs on single-core Qualcomm ARM chips, whereas the iPad 2 runs on dual-core Samsung silicon.

Source: iPad 2 runs webOS twice as fast as the TouchPad, internal HP testing revealed | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
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As you say OUCH ! That has got to hurt!
As some one who has never been a fan of HP, always found them so invasive, this is a kind of justice indeed It is like the playground bully getting a black eye from thr form geek!
I don't believe it's even true. The hardware is different so any OS would run different. Probably a disgruntled employee or something making stuff up.

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This is entirely possible.

WebOS runs on Linux. I've seen it running on top of MacOSX as well as on RedHat

Unlike the poster who wants to run Windows 7, this is a much more likely story.


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