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ipad 2 backlight bleeding.. what to do?


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Apr 20, 2011
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Bonaire, GA
Hey Everyone

So I got an ipad 2 on May and just now I have been noticing the backlight bleeding!.. I dont know if it is as bad as others but to be honest it upsets me a lot... I expect something good from what I paid!.. and Apple isnt giving me that.. so I was wondering.. do you think it is worth it to go through the trouble of taking action on this issue and contacting Apple about this?... it hasnt been long since I bought it I guess.. and it doesnt have scratches.. well maybe one but thats about it.. do you think they would give me a new one or at least repair this for me?... thanks

here I include a picture of the backlight bleeding of myipad 2... of course the picture doesnt justify the real think! but it is actually pretty bad.. it flashes a yellow light all around the edges!.. and its kinda annoying when watching movies.. anyways thanks again


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You have one year of guaranteed coverage from faulty device to faulty oem sync cord n adapter.

If you weren't satisfied with initial support, note that in your second filing.

I noticed bleeding about repo weeks after receiving device. It's not bad but I'm in college and paying a grand meant I wanted perfection. That being said, I haven't sequestered repair although I have talked to two reps. Since mine is personalized, I have to ship and wait which requires 4 day turn around minimum.

Get all the bang for your buck when possible. Im gonna send mine off before school n get it over with.

Loneliest days of my life those will be.

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